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Italian dishes have become one of the most preferred appetites in the world in order to deliver most delicious cuisine, We, here at Italian @Home Brighton try to bring the magic of this wonderful dishes over to the streets of our city. Starters like Nachos, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Chicken Combo, Mozzarella Sticks, Cheese Chips, Nachos etc. have enough rumble to make you start your day on a high pitch. We have an entire lot of Pizzas to serve you with and our collection includes items like Hawaiian Pizza, Hot & Spicy Pizza, Halal Pepperoni Pizza, Big Brunch Pizza, Tandoori Sensation Pizza, House Special Pizza, Seafood Pizza etc. For all the informal eaters, we have a whole lot of Wrap items in form of Falafel Wrap, Chicken Strips Wrap or Donner Wrap. Burgers are there for foodies who are keen to have the taste of bread and veggies on their taste bud. You can order any of them in the forms of Quarter Pounder Burger, Half Pounder Burger, Original Chicken Burger, Chicken Cheeseburger, Tower Cheeseburger etc. To add a warmth of completeness in your meal, you can also order some meals from our special deal section. You can taste the sweetest of the things with our exclusive items in Desserts like Strawberry & White Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream etc. There are a whole lot of drinks also available in our store. Visit us today.

About Italian@Home Brighton

We are known for our quality and best service in the city. We never deviate from our belief that the quality can lead us to become one of the best places in the city while you consider an Italian meal. We try to address every bit of spices and ingredients and never fail to use them in their best forms. Our devoted team has a sound knowledge of making the best of Italian delicacies as exceptional in taste. We work day and night to leave you with zero reasons to complain. Our home delivery services now make it easier for you to get hold of your favourite dishes. Just a download of our app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and get your access to our entire menu. Order your desired items from the list and we would try our level best to leave you contended. Order from us today if you want a perfect taste of Italian appetite from your own house.

Restaurant location Italian@Home Brighton

We are located in an enormously prominent part of the city. To be exact, you can find us at 93 Mill Lane Portslade Brighton BN41 2DF. Visiting us from even the farthest notches of the city is not at all a troublesome, thanks to the great transport system that this part of the city has been offering since years. We are also able to progress our delivery services vastly due to that very fact. Still, our app is there to help you with its onboard GPS navigation if you find slightest of trouble in tracing us. Visit us today if your taste bud and hungry stomach craving for a perfect Italian dish altogether.

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